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Passive Comfort Wheelchair

Rea Azalea

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The Rea® Azalea® is the natural choice for the moderately active user as well as for the more passive one. The comfortable seating system allows the user to alter the seat position, ensuring maximum comfort at all times. This combined with good driving characteristics makes Azalea the ideal choice. Azalea is a self propelling wheelchair with large rear wheels, and is complimented with an alternative transit version with small rear wheels called Rea Azalea Assist.

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Product Features

  • Interchangeable Flex2 seat system, with optional seat solutions.
  • The leg rests and backrest include length compensation providing excellent support for the head and legs through height adjustable legs and backrests.
  • When tilting the seat unit, the Rea® Azalea™ Assist keeps its stability as well as its good driving performance.

  • The seat tilt mechanism is designed to give a minimum increased height at the front o f the seat when tilted allowing the user to get under working surfaces.

  • The size of the seat is adjustable in width, depth and backrest height to meet individual needs.

  • The seat height and the balance can be adjusted individually.
  • A soft unit which supports the arms and the hips for increased comfort.
  • This type of table can easily be moved aside by a swing away mechanism making it easier.
  • Individual width adjustment in the armrests and legrests.