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It is the ideal travel companion - reliable, maneuverable, and easy to stow: The Voyager is a rigid-frame Active Wheelchair. Simply remove the drive wheels and fold the back rest onto the seat so it locks in place. Now you can lift the frame by the practical handle and stow it on the passenger seat of the car. After all, you want to be independent and structure your life according to your own wishes.

Voyager also addresses all requirements regarding your personal driving style: You can individually adjust the position of the drive wheels and the center of gravity. The wheel camber can be adapted just as easily - depending on whether you like to travel sportily and turn easily, or if you prefer a higher level of safety. The Voyager is also a must for active users who like to travel with a seat angle: The back rest permits extreme angle settings, forming an ergonomic unit consisting of the seat and back rest.


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Product Features

  • deal travel companion
  • Easily foldable to a convenient size
  • Multiple adjustment options
  • Stable and reliable
  • Suitable for sports and everyday use