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Invacare Ireland was opened in late 2003 and is based in Swords, County Dublin.

Invacare's commitment to product design and quality has resulted in a comprehensive range of solutions for independence and mobility.




Sunrise Medical

Sunrise Medical is one of the world's largest manufacturers of homecare and extended care products. Founded in 1983, the Sunrise Medical family of products has been built from many of the most popular brands in the homecare industry
 aims to provide easy access to a comprehensive on-line information service for people with disabilities’. This is an on-line information service for people with disabilities and special needs, as well as their family and friends. A specially constructed/designed website with links to a broad range of information relevant to the needs of the user.




Spinal Injuries Ireland

Situated in the grounds of the National Rehabilitation Hospital, Dún Laoghaire, Spinal Injuries Ireland deals with both the emotional and practical issues of the individual who has sustained the spinal injury and their family on a daily basis.




The Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA)

The national organisation of people with limited mobility. With over 20,000 members and service users, the role of IWA is: To advocate for change, locally and nationally, by representing the issues and concerns of adults and children with limited mobility; To research, develop and pilot new concepts of service delivery and To deliver services in partnership with state agencies.




Pride Mobility

Evolving from an existing family business in 1986, Pride began focusing solely on the manufacture of power lift chairs.

By 1992, Pride extended its product line to include scooters, with options and accessories.




Otto Bock

Otto Bock HealthCare is a leading global supplier of innovative products for people with limited mobility. Their vision is to excel as the global leader in maintaining and restoring human independence, to provide high-quality, innovative, technologically superior products, services and education to enhance the physical comfort, confidence, independence and mobility of human beings.



Private OT

Online Healthcare Directory is Ireland's only online directory catering for the Healthcare Profession and the Public, providing up-to-date information on service providers, Healthcare Professionals and Suppliers of medical equipment.